Property Tax: Buy Property Tax Debt Leads

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This is a new offering to tax companies, attorneys, CPAs, or EAs that have experience with property taxes. If you are interested in this type of lead, please fill out the contact form and check the box for property taxes and we will get back to you ASAP.

Our property tax leads are individuals that are currently facing problems with their property taxes. In most cases, these leads have owe personal or commercial property taxes.

Property tax Debt Lead Details

  • These leads are 100% exclusive to you
  • Each lead is $65
  • Receive the lead real time after someone submits and online form requesting help with property tax issues/debt.

Sample Property Tax Debt Lead

 Smith, John
 Home Phone
 Work Phone
 Lead Notes
 I am unable to pay the taxes owed. Their currently is a lien on my property.
 State/Zip       NM/87124
 Tax Agency
 Post Date
 2017-06-28 12:48:00




Additional Lead Classes Available

$1-$4,999 in Tax Debt (Text Leads)
Individuals that owe between $1 and $4,999 in taxes. People are actively searching for help with their problem.

$5,000-$9,999 in Tax Debt (Text Leads)
Individuals that owe between $5,000 and $9,999 in taxes. Most of these individuals cannot pay the taxes they owe and are looking for other payment alternatives.

Tax Preparation/Unfiled Taxes (Text Leads)
Individuals or businesses that have not filed their taxes and are looking for help with filing. Many people have years of unfiled taxes. Leads are available year round.

$10,000+ in Tax Debt (Text Leads)
Our $10K+ text Leads are individuals or businesses that are currently seeking help with a tax problem and they owe $10,000+ in taxes. These people are seeking help because they cannot pay their taxes owed in full and are looking for help resolving their problem.

Tax Debt Voice Leads
Calls sent directly to your call center. Callers have a variety of tax problems, mostly owe taxes and cannot pay in full.