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TaxDebtLeads.net is the only lead exchange that is solely focused on bringing together buyers and sellers of tax leads. TaxDebtLeads.net was created by both tax professionals and marketing experts in order to create the highest value marketplace for tax professionals. Being very niche in our focus allows us to establish better lasting relationships with buys buyers and sellers, while providing both with the maximum value added.

We understand the importance of having quality and ethical marketing methods that are backed by professional and trusted services. We strive to uphold the the reputation of our buyers and sellers by pre-screening and continually monitoring both sellers and buyers. Our sellers must meet certain publication and marketing guidelines and our buyers must meet certain company standards in order to buy. Our screening process ensures that buyers and sellers will maintain or improve their integrity among the tax community.

Tax Lead Buyer

Do you offer tax relief services, tax preparation services or tax audit representation? Give us a try. We strive to build long lasting, win-win relationships with all of our buyers. We will continue to work with you to optimize your ROI. Let us handle the lead generation while you can focus on the quality of your services. We strive to provide you with the highest quality and most targeted leads through proven marketing methods. Our team will continue to provide expert guidance on effectively and efficiently manage your leads to increase your ROI as well as provide you with frequent industry news updates to help keep you ahead of the curve in the tax relief services industry.

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Do you want to sell tax relief leads? If you have valuable traffic coming to your websites, we want to work with you. We can help you monetize your traffic while giving you the peace of mind that your visitors are getting helped by the best tax relief companies/professionals. Our marketing and tax professionals will also provide you with valuable tools in order to increase the value of your traffic.

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Becoming part of our network

In order to become part of our network you will need to talk with our lead specialist. We ensure that everyone that becomes a part of the network will add value to everyone involved. We work on a win win premise and need to ensure it stays that way.


Do you have an established tax profession that is looking to grow through purchasing tax leads (tax debt, audit, tax prep)? Receive fresh leads supplied by our approved network of lead sellers.

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Do you have an established website that has visitors with various types of tax problems? We want to help you further monetize your traffic through our network. We take on sellers of all sizes.

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