How Buying and Selling Leads at TaxDebtLeads Works

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At we created a system that ensures that all network participants are adding value to the other parties involved. Our company strives to make efficiencies in lead buying and lead selling to ensure maximum profits on both ends. For lead buyers we have identified several factors that drain time, resources, and company fund and have created a system to maximize your profits by creating many efficiencies to lessen the drain on time, resources and company funds. For lead sellers we have identified several factors that limit the ability to fully optimize traffic and lead payouts and have created a system to help our sellers efficiently optimize their traffic, conversions and payouts.

Below is a short list of efficiencies that we offer to both buyers and sellers of tax debt leads.

Efficiencies for Lead Buyers

  • One monthly payment
  • No need to manage multiple sellers
  • Get around doing costly PPC
  • Receive leads from tested and trusted sources
  • Receive leads easily without complicated programming
  • Easily manage lead volume you want to receive
  • Receive tips how to better manage leads

Efficiencies for Lead Sellers

  • No need to search for qualified lead buyers
  • Don't get low payouts by getting lumped in with shady sellers
  • Help with converting your traffic into high quality leads
  • High converting landing pages and/or lead forms provided
  • Automatically paid monthly, no need to send invoices ($250 payment threshold)
  • No need to setup costly technology on your end to manage buyers
  • Receive tips on best marketing practices for generating tax leads

Becoming part of our network

In order to become part of our network you will need to talk with our lead specialist. We ensure that everyone that becomes a part of the network will add value to everyone involved. We work on a win win premise and need to ensure it stays that way.


Do you have an established tax profession that is looking to grow through purchasing tax leads (tax debt, audit, tax prep)? Receive fresh leads supplied by our approved network of lead sellers.

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Do you have an established website that has visitors with various types of tax problems? We want to help you further monetize your traffic through our network. We take on sellers of all sizes.

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